Welcome to Mizz Buttercup Cakes LLC . Here at Mizz Buttercup’s, our ultimate goal is to provide services that captivates your ideal custom cake as well as being cost effective. We aim to provide those services by communicating with our customers thoroughly while developing a memorable experience. Our ingredients are of the finest qualities and assures delicacy taste with a buttery satisfaction.
Jessica Monk is the multi-tasked, sweets engulfed mastermind behind this company. Jessica’s education consist of numerous degrees majoring in Business Adminisration. While she currently divides her time as a full time employee in corporate America, yet she finds that her time in her kitchen as therapeutic and relaxing while she crafts spontaneous flavors and ideas. This passion, though once started as an idea of her retirement path, swiftly enlarged to become her 2nd hand work at best.

Chocolate Iced

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Wedding Cakes

We have the moistest wedding cakes and freshest products to be found. Your cake is baked fresh for your event, not frozen for months on end. Our cakes are both beautiful and delicious; and very competitively priced!
Specialty Cakes

Whether you are dreaming of a simple cake that uses all-natural flavors to do this, or something more elaborate that incorporates your design ideas with our delectable cakes, we can help you achieve this. .
Cupcakes & Cookies

We pride ourselves in making the best tasting cupcakes and using the the highest quality ingredients. All our cupcakes are baked daily from scratch using only premium ingredients.
Prices starting at
Prices starting at
Prices starting at

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Regular Cupcakes.... $1.50 each    (Batch 24 count)
Jumbo Cupcakes...... $3.00 each   (Batch 12 count)
Cake Pops................$1.75 each

Cookies...................$1.75 each     (Batch 12 count)
(oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip)

Cakes   (Each customized cake is 4 layers tall)
Mini 6 inch............. $45.00     (serves 10-12 people)
Regular 8 inch ........$65.00      (serves 24 people)
Large 10 inch.......... $90.00      ( serves 38 people)
Extra large 12 inch.. $115.00    ( serves 56 people)

2 Tiered Cakes starting
Size 6”, 8”................. $120.00
Size 8” & 10”...........  $185.00
Size 10” & 12”.......... $230.00

Please call for inquiries on custom 3 tier cakes.
Winterville, NC
Email: buttercupmizz@gmail.com
Facebook:  Mizz Buttercup Cakes